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A Memoir of México

By Laura Bee
A 35mm photo essay

I was supremely fortunate to live for one full, vibrant, dazzlingly intense and experientially packed rotation of the sun in México, where I completed my final year of university in Guadalajara. 

My year of intercambio, of exchange. Around full-time study, learning Spanish and salsa dancing, plenty of partying and falling in love (with Mexico as much as with men), I travelled the country extensively with my mother's old Minolta Dynax analogue camera, which not only captured my own childhood in the 90s, but also this photo essay of my Mexican travels.

Words alone honestly fail to express the beauty of Mexico, so here is a small compilation of some of my favourite film photographs of some of my favourite places and favourite humans on earth.

Only my film photographs come close to capturing the magic of México - the colours, the artisanal craft, the beautiful faces, tradition and diversity of landscape, language, culture and ancient history. Mexico broke my heart wide open, and I have never been the same since.

These are some of my postcards from the most awe-inspiring and utterly enchanting country that I have ever experienced.